Fourth Annual Kanawha Valley Regional Tournament Presented by Innova


The Fourth Annual Kanawha Valley Regional Tournament Presented by Innova will take place Saturday, June 16, and Sunday, June 17, 2018. This is a pro A-tier/amateur B-tier tournament. As in past tournaments, the tournament will consist of three rounds. This year’s tournament will see play at Coonskin Park, Redeemer Park, and Wine Cellar Park. The week of the tournament will be full of disc golf events.

Online registration and schedule information can be found at The Disc Golf Scene.

2017 Fall Glow League

A fall glow league series will start at Redeemer Park on Tuesday, October 3. The first 25 players to register will receive players packs. Items in the pack include a Stuff Sack, two LED lights, a glow stick, a Sharpie marker, an Innova glow mini, and Halloween candy.

The cost to register is $20. Registration fees cover players packs, CTP prizes, an ace fund, prize payouts, and four rounds of glow golf. The final round will be the last time that disc golf is played on the golf course at Shawnee Park on Saturday, October 28! The golf course will be reserved for disc golfers after 3PM, so players will have the chance to play a daylight round or two before glow golf begins.

Visit the leagues page at The Disc Golf Scene for schedule and other information.

Tuesday Doubles League for Spring 2017

The club will be hosting a random draw doubles league this spring. Weekly rounds will take place on Tuesdays. Club members and new players alike are welcome. There is no fee to play. Optional ace pools ($1 buy-in, $100 max. payout or $2 buy-in, $200 max payout) will be available.

Play will rotate among all Kanawha Valley area courses, including the new TA Travel Center and Eleanor Park courses. The league will begin on March 14 at Redeemer Park. Start times will vary depending on sunset times. For a detailed schedule and scores, visit the league’s page at The Disc Golf Scene. You can also visit the club’s Facebook page for updates about the league.

Please note that this year, the club will hold multiple seasonal leagues rather than one year-long league.

Third Annual Kanawha Valley Regional Tournament


The Third Annual Kanawha Valley Regional Tournament will take place Saturday, June 17, and Sunday, June 18, 2017.

This is a pro A-tier/amateur B-tier tournament that will be held at Redeemer Park, Wine Cellar Park, and St. Albans City Park. A total of $4000 cash will be added to the pro prize pool, and $2000 will be added to the amateur prize pool.

Online registration and other information can be found at The Disc Golf Scene.

Tuesday Doubles League 2016

The club is hosting a casual weekly round for club members and new players alike. This league runs March 15, 2016, through October 25, 2016.

Teams are determined each round by random draw. Typically, the doubles format played will be “best disc.” However, we will occasionally mix things up by playing an alternate format such as “worst disc.”

After each round, each player is awarded a point total that is determined by the number of teams that his or her team has beaten that round. Overall league standings are determined by total points accumulated during the season in this way.

There is no fee to play, but there are two optional ace pools. There is a $100 pool with a $1 entry, and there is a $200 pool that has a $2 entry. If you pay into an ace pool and get an ace during the round, then you collect the pot. Players may not enter more than one ace pool per round.

Prior to each round and after all ace pool entries have been collected, a random draw determines which hole (out of a list of three designated holes per course) will award a doubled payout for aces during that round. For example, if Hole 4 has been drawn prior to a round and a player who paid $2 aces Hole 4, then that player will receive a $400 payout. However, if that player aces any other hole instead, then he or she receives a $200 payout.

Rounds will be held on a rotating schedule among Redeemer, Little Creek, Wine Cellar, St. Albans, and Coonskin. Refer to the league’s page at The Disc Golf Scene for the schedule and standings. The club’s Facebook page often has announcements regarding this league and others, as well. Note that this league’s rounds are held on Tuesdays, but start times change throughout the year according to sunset times.

2016 Bag Tag Challenge


The purpose of the 2016 Bag Tag Challenge is to promote the growth of disc golf in the KVDGC through friendly competition. You will have the opportunity to meet and play with new people and to establish friendships with players whom you may have never otherwise met. It also adds another element to your game and is a great learning tool for all players– especially new players. Players of all abilities are encouraged to join.


The 27-week season runs from May 1, 2016, through October 30, 2016.

  • Players compete to obtain the lowest numbered tag possible.
  • Tags 1-25 are wooden and must be contested according to the rules under Tag Challenges.
  • Tags 26 and higher are acrylic and can be contested according to the rules under Tag Challenges. (If you feel that you won’t be able to play regularly we ask you to please take a higher number.)
Entry Fee

A $5 entry fee gets you a numbered bag tag, a one-year club membership, and eligibility for entry into the ace pot.

  • Adherence to PDGA rules is implied during bag tag challenges, and self-officiating by club members should demonstrate mutual respect and promote the spirit of disc golf. Most important is that players have fun.
  • Please display your bag tag where others can easily see it. You must have your bag tag with you to participate in any challenge. Please do not avoid challenges by leaving your bag tag at home.
  • Bag tags are exchanged immediately after the round is completed.
  • If you terminate play before your round is completed, then you must forfeit your bag tag and take the highest numbered bag tag being played at that challenge.
  • Exceptional circumstances that excuse players from the above rules include injury that prevents completion of play (as agreed upon by the group) and inclement weather that makes continued play dangerous for the entire card.

Score Cards
  • There shall be three or four players on each score card at bag tag challenges.
  • Players are placed on cards by tag number in ascending order.
  • If you arrive late (5 minutes before the start of the round), then you will be placed on the last card regardless of tag number.
Tag Challenges
  • Challenges will run from April 1 through October 31. You may play for tags November 1 through March 31, but the rules below will not be enforced during that time.
  • In order for the bag tag challenge to work, all personal challenges must be accepted. Any player with a higher bag tag may challenge any other player with a lower bag tag. Challenges can be made by phone, computer, or in person. Challenges should be completed within a reasonable amount of time.
  • You don’t have to play back-to-back challenge rounds against the same player or in a multi-player match with the same opponents. A player can’t challenge you, lose to you, and immediately challenge you again for another round. However, consecutive round challenges are allowed if ALL parties involved agree to play a consecutive challenge round.
  • Challenges MUST be verbally agreed upon at the beginning of EACH round.
  • You must play your bag tag at least once every 2 weeks or you forfeit your tag. When a forfeited tag holder returns, he or she receives the lowest tag available.
  • If you plan on leaving the area or otherwise will not play for a long period of time, then you should turn in your tag before your absence. You will receive a new tag upon your return.
  • All bag tag holders who participate in KVDGC sponsored tournaments or events are committing to a bag tag challenge, so bring your tags with you.
  • Tag challenges can be played at any disc golf course.
  • Ties are broken by bag tag numbers held at the beginning of the round. Lower starting numbers win.
  • Players in tournaments compete only against other players using the same tees and course layouts.
Ace Pot
  • $1 per entry fee is collected to form an ace pot. This ace pot is separate from other ace funds and is capped at $100.
  • In order for your round to qualify for the ace pot, the following must be satisfied:
    • there must be at least 3 tag holders playing, and
    • if the round has not been scheduled, then it must be announced to the club.
  • Tournament aces have their own ace pots and therefore do not qualify for the bag tag ace pot as well.
Lost/Broken/Surrendered Bag Tags
  • When a bag tag is lost, the number is dropped from the standings.
  • Members can purchase a new bag tag for $5 and will receive the lowest numbered bag tag available.
  • If a tag is surrendered for any reason, then it will be put back into play at the next scheduled round.

This league is designed to bring together those who share a passion for the game of disc golf. Set goals, make new friends and rivals, HAVE FUN, and most importantly: GRIP IT RIP IT. Good luck to everyone and here’s to another exciting season of disc golf.

Singles Leisure League 2016

The club will host a singles league intended to promote competitive fun and increase the spirit of camaraderie in the West Virginia-Ohio-Kentucky region. Ten weekly rounds will be played on Sundays at 1:30pm. The first round will be held on Sunday, March 13, 2016. Rounds will take place at St. Albans City Park, Redeemer Park, Little Creek Park, Coonskin Park, and Wine Cellar park.

Refer to the chart below for more on this league, or visit the league’s page at The Disc Golf Scene.

Registration fee
Participants must pay $20 for registration by the time of the first event.
The league will be divided into AM-1 (intermediate/advanced) and AM-2 (novice/recreational) divisions. All competition will take place within divisions, and players will not be allowed to change divisions during the series.
The first place finisher in each division will be awarded a backpack. Each division receives a 50% prize payout at the conclusion of the series.
After a round, each participating player will be awarded one point per player that he or she has beaten, plus one point for playing. Total points accumulated in this manner will determine placement at the conclusion of the series.
The series starts on Sunday, March 13, 2016, at 1:30pm at Redeemer Park. A detailed schedule can be found at The Disc Golf Scene. Competitors shall not circumvent this schedule. The weekly course and layout must be played per schedule guidelines, and this is the only score that can be reported per scheduled week. Players who are unable to play on Sunday may still participate according to the absentee requirements listed below. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the schedule as needed.
Absentee requirements
  • Any competitor who is not able to attend a Sunday round has until 8:00pm on the following Saturday to play that week’s scheduled course and layout and report his or her score.
  • Any competitor playing away from the weekly Sunday round must have at least two witnesses present to verify his or her score. Witnesses do not have to be league participants.
  • Competitors are asked to be timely, fair, and honest with accurate reporting. Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the league.

Remember, the main purpose of this league is for players to have fun!

Second Annual Kanawha Valley PDGA Regional


The Second Annual Kanawha Valley PDGA Regional will take place Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26, 2016.

This is a B-tier tournament that will be held at Coonskin Park, Redeemer Park, Wine Cellar Park, and St. Albans City Park.

Redeemer will host a spaghetti dinner on Friday night. Players will play 36 holes on Saturday and 18 holes on Sunday.

Online registration and other information can be found at The Disc Golf Scene.

PDGA Flyer

Fourth Annual Guns vs. Hoses Tournament


The Fourth Annual Guns vs. Hoses Tournament will take place June 21-25, 2016, at Redeemer Park and Wine Cellar Park. This is a charity tournament. Proceeds from entry fees will benefit Peace Officer Ministries and the Autism Society.

Players will compete in teams of four plus one optional alternate. A putting and mid-range competition will take place on Tuesday, June 21, at Redeemer. A driving competition will take place on Thursday, June 23, at Wine Cellar. Teams will compete in a team play tournament during the weekend starting Saturday, June 25.

Note that this tournament coincides with the Second Annual Kanawha Valley PDGA Regional, a B-tier tournament. Players who are registered for the PDGA Regional can participate in the Guns vs. Hoses charity tournament free-of-charge.

If you are traveling to the Charleston area from out-of-town for the tournament, then you will have the option of completing the skills competition portion of the event on Saturday.

For more information and online registration, visit the tournament’s page at The Disc Golf Scene.

2016 Guns V Hoses Flyer